capitalism and philanthropy both have a role to play in business.

Doug Barrowman
EQUI Co Founder

3% of all profits realised by the EQUI Fund will be reserved for charitable giving.

EQUI believes we have a social responsibility to redistribute to the less fortunate, particularly where a profitable outcome has been achieved on an investment. Charitable giving is therefore built into the EQUI return model.

Our founders are actively involved in various charitable giving, and will set up The EQUI Foundation as an independent charitable trust.

The EQUI Founders have been involved in charities around the globe:

The Barrowman Foundation

Through The Barrowman Foundation, founder Doug Barrowman actively supports education and opportunities for young people. Recent projects include building multiple schools in Africa as well as a new Prince’s Trust Centre in the UK.

The Woz Project

Woz is a serial philanthropist, giving time and resources to numerous educational projects designed to further computer knowledge in schools. He was awarded the Hoover Medal for ‘outstanding extra-career services given by engineers to humanity’.

The Princes Trust

Lady Mone OBE has been involved in numerous charity projects including being on the Board of Director’s for The Prince’s Trust for 12 years and consistently giving time and money to various charities including Breast Cancer Care and Children with Cancer.


Equi Foundation

The EQUI Foundation will be an independent entity that will decide on charitable giving at a global level. More information coming soon.

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