About Equi

EQUI will be a blockchain powered Venture Capital Fund which combines the conventional principles of investing in a fund with a tokenised back end that allows value to be determined and then traded in the market through the EquiToken. EQUI will be an open-ended Fund that allows ongoing liquidity events for its investor base. For more information, visit how it works.

EquiUnits are non-tradeable investment Fund Units which investors receive on initial investment into the Fund. They represent the Fund’s internal investment ledger. 1 EquiUnit always equals 1 EquiToken. When an EquiUnit is transferred into an EquiToken, the EquiUnit is burnt and ceases to exist. In this way, there will never be duplication of the Unit and the Token.

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New Issues of EquiUnits may be purchased direct from the Fund and paid for in both fiat and selected cryptocurrencies. In order to buy direct, investors must pass KYC tests and self-certify that they are a Accredited Investor. There are member benefits to being part of the EQUI Accredited Benefits Scheme.

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When a Fund backed project is sold at profit, gains will be distributed 80/20 in favour of the investors. However, 3% is first deducted from profits for charitable giving prior to applying the calculation. The 20% will go to the EQUI Fund managers as reward and is industry norm within the venture capital industry. The balance of 80% will be reinvested back into the Fund to enable further investments to be made and to perpetuate the lifecycle of the Fund. Since market forces will capture the enhanced Fund performance in terms of a price increase in the token, there will be no need to distribute individual profits to individual token holders.

The EQUI Fund

EQUI will primarily be a technology investing Fund at least 80% of funds being allocated to tech, biotech and blockchain investments. We will also look to back other innovative technology, services or product ideas in more traditional areas. The remaining 20% will be allocated to real estate and luxury assets. Here the opportunity exists to acquire at undervalue and provide liquidity events at premium for the Fund in a shorter timeframe compared to investments in technology companies.

EQUI is expected to be a Fund that will continue in perpetuity with no need to ever close down or run out of funds to invest. However, if the decision was ever taken to close down the Fund and distribute value, the final cash balance of the Fund would be paid back to the EquiUnit and EquiToken holders in proportion to their holding in the Fund. The amount paid out to EquiUnit holders will attract a 25% premium over EquiToken holders. Once the EquiUnit holders are paid out, the balance will be distributed to EquiToken holders.

What are EquiTokens?

The EquiToken will be an ERC20 token built using the established Ethereum blockchain. When held internally on the EQUI Platform, we will record investor funds received into EquiUnits. When EquiUnits are required to be traded, they are converted into EquiTokens and transferred to an Individual EQUI Wallet. They are then capable of being traded independently of the EQUI Fund on external exchanges. 1 EquiUnit always equals 1 EquiToken.

The EquiToken price should correlate with the underlying value of the investments that EQUI makes. This correlation between Fund and Token should provide a mechanism for external market forces to determine the price of the Token. We believe this will bring stability to the Token price and we hope that one day EquiToken will be seen as a currency of safety, where periods of high volatility are being experienced in the crypto market.

Although there is no defined criteria for what is considered a Security Token, and it will likely vary by jurisdiction, we have taken the prudent view to consider the EquiToken a Security Token. As such the token will be tradable on compliant Security Exchanges, of which we are in discussions with a number of the largest. In addition, Equi intends to build its own Internal Security Exchange, which will be US Investor compliant.

Ongoing Support

Updates and relevant news will be posted on the website and social media channels. EQUI will operate with complete transparency and proactively work with investors and the community.

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