“Technology has the power to enhance every other business there is.”

Steve Wozniak
EQUI Co Founder

The EQUI Fund is primarily a technology Fund covering all areas of innovative technology, services, applications and products in new, emerging and established tech sectors.

Examples of such sectors are high-tech, fintech, blockchain and biotech. The Fund will also look at backing technology-enabled transformative ideas in more traditional sectors with time-to-maturity ranging from six months to several years, depending on the expected risk and reward profile of each opportunity.

Tech Investing


Not concentrating purely on blockchain-enabled proposals, the aim is to build a balanced portfolio of tech opportunities ranging from early stage through to pre IPO opportunities.

Tech Investing Investments Investments Tech Investing


In addition to Technology, EQUI will be investing around 20% of the Fund in more traditional opportunities. For example, Real Estate and Luxury Assets to provide diversification.


The EQUI business model offers more than just investment – we understand that some businesses may require not only capital but also expertise to ensure that outcomes are maximised. The EQUI team is well placed to provide this expertise and we offer an opportunity to be mentored and supported by some truly inspirational individuals if we feel it is required. The Fund will also assign an advisor to be responsible for and adopt a proactive role with every investee company.

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