Once in a generation, a new way of thinking disrupts the workings of an established industry.

EQUI is that disruptor in venture capital investing.

EQUI sits comfortably between the old world of conventional investing and the blockchain world, making it a new frontier for investment.

By launching EQUI, our aim is to open up the space to both crypto and conventional investors, and allow wider participation in an industry that traditionally has been the preserve of large institutions and Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals.

The EQUI Fund is an open-ended and tokenised fund with two main components:

EQUI Units

A traditional investment Fund, where investors have direct ownership units in the Fund, called EquiUnits

EQUI Token

The opportunity for constant liquidity through a tokenised unit, called an EquiToken.

The tokenised nature of the Fund allows investor liquidity to take place through the trading of the EquiToken. The Token will be tradable on our EQUI Internal Exchange or external security exchanges. The price of the Token should be underpinned by the underlying value of the investments that we make.

Let’s take you step by step through how it works:

How it Works

A potential Investor contacts EQUI by completing our enquiry form.

How it Works

In order to invest in the Fund, investors must first become an Accredited Investor. To gain Accreditation, investors must pass certain checks (dependent on their jurisdiction), including KYC and AML checks. Accredited Investors will be entitled to participate in an EQUI benefits and rewards programme.

How it Works

EQUI provides a different kind of investment. Primarily a technology venture Fund , most investments will be made in high-tech, fintech, blockchain and biotech. EQUI are proactive in their approach to investee companies to maximise profits for their investors.

How it Works

The EQUI Fund operates on an 80/20 split of profits on realised investments, with 20% going to the EQUI Fund Managers and the balance reinvested back into the Fund for the benefit of investors. Prior to the 80/20 split being made, 3% of profits realised are deducted for charitable giving.

How it Works

On investment, the EQUI Fund issues EquiUnits to the investor, which are stored on an internal fund register.

How it Works

If an investor subsequently wishes to realise his investment, the EquiUnits will be exchanged for blockchained EquiTokens.

At all times, 1 EquiUnit will be exchangeable for 1 EquiToken. On conversion to an EquiToken, the former EquiUnit is burnt and ceases to exist. This creates the ultimate flexibility and liquidity of investment. EquiUnits are internal to the Fund, EquiTokens are external to the Fund.

How it Works

The EquiToken is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum platform and is expected to be freely traded on security exchanges that list the token.

How it Works

Investors then have the opportunity to trade their EquiTokens on either the EQUI Internal Exchange or external security exchanges at a time of their choosing.

How it Works

We believe the EQUI model is set to be a game changer in the world of venture capital. For more detailed information on how the EQUI model works, register your interest via our potential investor form.

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